abcbooksABC Books

The Digital Humanities Initiative and the Cotsen Children’s Library is working with Professor Bill Gleason on an archive of TEI-encoded alphabet books.


The Princeton Prosody Archive

Using digital media to historicize the technology of reading a poem, the Princeton Prosody Archive is a full-text searchable database of over 10,000 digitized records on the teaching of poetry as both a popular and highly specialized genre between 1750–1923.

blue-mountain1The Blue Mountain Project

Drawing on Princeton University’s exceptional collections and curatorial and academic expertise, the Blue Mountain Project is a digital thematic research collection of art, music and literary periodicals published between 1848, the year of the European Revolutions, and 1923 – a functional boundary for works presumed to be in the public domain.

Blue Mountain SpringsBlue Mountain Springs

Blue Mountain Springs is an API to the Blue Mountain Project collection of digitized images and metadata. It is designed to address the needs of data scientists and digital humanities researchers who want to bypass reader-oriented interfaces and access full-text data directly and programmatically for use with their own analytical tools.

Designing_Empire_SmallDesigning Empire

Designing Empire uses Gephi, Palladio, and ArcGIS to unlock the Atlantic-wide origins of the British and French colonial city and develop the paradigm of “circulatory urbanization.” Shifting away from traditional single-city histories, Designing Empire follows the flow of money, experts, and planning ideas across political and geographical boundaries and between urban settlements on the imperial frontier: garrisons, islands, and ports.

image2015-9-15 9_19_37Digital Oulipo

Oulipian texts challenge traditional notions of reading: the reader no longer passively absorbs the text written by another, but must play and construct by himself if he wishes to get anywhere at all. By creating electronic versions of Oulipian texts, readers can learn firsthand how such texts disrupt any traditional linear mode of reading, while enjoying a ludic introduction to certain mathematical principles.

AMC_Banner_1Grassroots Minstrelsy in Bronzeville

By compiling, organizing, and visualizing data on more than 50 performances and 500 members, Grassroots Minstrelsy in Bronzeville uncovers the rich social history of an exclusively black community organization that held charitable minstrel shows performed by and played to Chicago’s “Talented Tenth” – the elite members of a highly stratified Black Belt – from 1895 to 1952.

Mapping Expatriate ParisMapping Expatriate Paris

Sylvia Beach’s bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, was the center of expatriate life in interwar Paris–home to a community of writers that included Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and James Joyce. This digital humanities project uses Beach’s vast archives at Princeton to map where the community lived and what it read, and how it changed over time.

Voice mailMapping Phono-Post

Mapping Phono-Post presents a series of maps and visualizations for analyzing and exploring the Phono-Post archive, a media archeology project and first ever online audio-visual archive of individually recorded audio letters.

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