Digital Humanities at Princeton

The Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is an interdisciplinary research center and academic unit within the Princeton University Library. While the global digital humanities community is constantly defining and redefining itself, at CDH we embrace an inclusive understanding of DH that respects and investigates the myriad ways digital methods and technologies are opening new avenues for research into the human experience, past and present.

The CDH research team serves as a hub for expertise in digital methods, tools, and best practices that allow scholars to analyze traditional and unconventional source bases to discover and share new insights.


    2.26.15 Collaboratory 4A wonderful opportunity for collaborative work, the Center’s Collaboratory meets each Thursday from 3:30-5pm at CDH in Green Hall.

    The Collaboratory hosts collaborative DH sessions, providing a helpful atmosphere conducive to furthering your own research projects, sharing ideas, meeting like-minded people, and learning new skills. The Collaboratory combines the Center’s resources with the positive working environment created by your University colleagues.

    The Collaboratory can even function as a form of project management, a topic discussed in Natasha’s Pitching a DH Project? Workshop – join us every Thursday for a solid afternoon of DH work!


  • INTRO TO COMMAND LINE Workshop – February 26th

    2.26.15 Command Line 6Feeling like your files are in need of more direction? Want your computer to be in your command?

    This successful hands-on programming workshop allowed participants to interactively explore their own computers through command line functions, providing another tool for researchers to organize their work and maximize the usefulness of their computer.

    Information and resources can be found on the workshops page.


  • Pitching a DH Project?

    CDH 2.23 CollageDid you miss our “Pitching a DH Project?” workshop on Monday, February 23rd?

    Handout from the session available here: Pitching a DH Project – resources.

    CDH will be hosting a second “Pitching a DH Project?” opportunity on March 9th from 4:30-6:00pm at the Center. The upcoming workshop will be in greater depth and is suitable for all who are interested, including those who attended the first workshop!


  • Spring 2015 courses related to DH and media theory

    There are numerous courses being offered in the Spring semester that may be of interest to students looking for classes related to DH and media theory.  A list can be found on our ‘New to DH’ page.

  • Milton’s Delayed Adjectives and the History of Style

    On Wednesday, October 15 at 4:30 Dan Shore will lead a discussion of his precirculated paper, “Milton’s Delayed Adjectives and the History of Style,” drawn from his forthcoming book, Cyberformalism, which (in his words) “explores how searchable digital archives like Google Books, EEBO, and ECCO allow us to study the history of linguistic forms.”

    1-N-10 Green Hall (first floor, north wing).

    The following day, at noon, Dan Shore will lead a seminar on close-reading with digital tools. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops, as we will be reading and working together. Lunch will be provided.

    Hinds Library, McCosh Hall (basement)


    MusicologyMichael Scott Cuthbert, Associate Professor of Music, MIT.
    Fox and Hedgehog Musicology: Digital and Statistical Approaches to Old Problems

    Co-sponsored by the Digital Humanities Initiative and the Program in Medieval Studies

    Free admission.
    Room 102, Woolworth Center
    10/06/14 at 4:30 pm – 10/06/14 at 6:00 pm